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Cake & Candles

2017 - 

Web Series

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Cake & Candles is a webseries centred around a year in the life of three queer friends as they celebrate various birthdays. The series explores important themes such as sexuality, gender, and race, but also touch on subjects such as friendship, family and youth culture in London.

Created by Julia Almeida Coelho & Nicky Chue, positive representation of marginalised people within the LGBTQ+ community is extremely important to the Cake & Candles team, both in front and behind the camera.

Starting as a university project supported by a modest crowdfunder, Cake & Candles has grown a loyal following on social media with 120k+ views online. Episode 1 has screened at Pilot Light TV Festival, London Design Festival with Livity UK,  Duckie Family,  London Short Film Festival, AZ Hub and as part of  Queerbee's online platform.

C&C episode

Episode 1: Preheat Oven (2018)

Director & Writer

Dee’s ideal birthday would be a quiet get-together with close friends, but her gregarious younger sister Cristina has different plans for their joint party - emotions are running high before the night has even begun, and then there’s the matter of Dee’s not-so-secret crush … 


C&C trailers

Teaser Trailers (2017)

Trailer Editor & Director

Trailer Editor



Screen Shot 2019-01-16 at 15.19.15.png

A collection of British new short films that explores the nature of millennial relationships "in real life."

When did we disconnect? How do we reconnect? (And do we even want to?) 

We’re a generation trapped in uncomfortable places yet finding empowerment in taking up space. 

Reality proves anxiety-inducing and mundane in equal measure, and these new short films highlight both the good and the bad sides of millennial connections, online and off. 

With cameos from Liv Wynter, Kate Nash and Brigitte Aphrodite. Programmed by Jenny Clarke.

Dan Guthrie, 2019.

Tyneside Cinema - Sat 20th April, 6pm - 🎫:
QUAD - Derby - Thurs 25th April, 6pm - 🎫:
Showroom Cinema, Sheffield - Sat 4th May, 3.30pm - 🎫:
Queen's Film Theatre, Belfast - Sat 18th May, 3.30pm - 🎫:
Depot Cinema, Kitchen & Bar, Lewes - Thu 23rd May, 5.30pm - 🎫: 



REEL GOOD FILM CLUB PRESENT: Cake & Candles Q&A + Zine Workshop

RGFC presents the premiere of Cake & Candles; a Web Series centred around a year in the life of three queer friends as they each celebrate their birthdays. 


Following this screening, RGFC lead a discussion about the future of Queer Web Series, a live script read of the second episode of Cake & Candles with its cast and an associated zine workshop.


LONDON COLLEGE OF COMMUNICATION (University of the Arts London)

BA (Hons) Film and Television student Nicky talks us through their work in London College of Communication's Degree Shows 2017.

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