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plant portals: breath


Short Film

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"plant portals: breath" is an experimental meditation on the unspoken history many queer and trans people of colour carry daily, connecting bumblebees, colonial trauma, alternate universes and the complicated concept of "rest" to ask: Can nature heal us?


Shot entirely on an iPhone, the film is intentional in imagining what is possible, and manifests a reality rooted in mindfulness.

Directed, shot and edited — Nicky Chue
Words and voiceover — Nicky Chue

Music ("by starlight.", "_lavender." and "harpss.") by guerX.

Written in and around Black & POC healing spaces 

miseryHealing Justice London 

Shadow Sistxrs Fight Club

 led by 

Lateisha Davine Lovelace-Hanson 

& The Community Witch

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"The film is an experience where each time you click play you discover a new aspect to mull over and appreciate. The juxtaposition of phrases and images is expertly done. ... The mastery of their words is breathtaking."

- Asyia Iftikhar

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